Monday, 14 May 2012

Distributed Data Warehousing Using Web Technology

How to Build a More Cost-Effective and Flexible Warehouse
A "data warehouse" is? This is a structured database to support business decision making. A data warehouse, organizes, analyze and synthesize large amounts of raw data - this is understandable and useful to employees. Until recently, all data stored in central storage means monolithic. It was difficult to manage and maintain costly and slow to operate.

Internet technology has changed all that forever! This profound book, administrators and professionals in information technology to configure and use distributed data warehouses have a clear picture of the eyes - more than one computer (via Internet technology to the network) to use for storage of access and data necessary i├žin. Kitap takes a look at:
  • Functions and benefits that are needed to establish a distributed data store
  • This type of functions and data, web information technology-enabled, object technology as residential complex technical issues, and much more
  • What you can offer a complete range of data warehousing - and how to exploit
  • Submit to create a data warehouse and how to justify a business case.