Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Data Warehouse Toolkit: Practical Techniques for Building Dimensional Data Warehouses

The Data Warehouse Toolkit: Practical Techniques for Building Dimensional Data Warehouses
Data Warehouse Toolkit: Practical techniques for building dimensional data warehouses

"Take your time to read one book ... If you are a professional in our industry only definitive books. To do this book." -W. H. INMO

The design database is one of the most spectacular, fast-dimensional model data warehouse dimensional that. Significantly a powerful database that improves managers to analyze large data sets. This revolutionary new approach, you design, build, manage, and information for virtually any application to use dimensional data warehouses, with all the nuts and bolts of this precious book / CD set written by the author data warehouse clothing sizes, business and consulting.

The use of numerous real case studies, data warehousing, decision support systems Ralph Kimball made in support of multidimensional data, and how the model provides clear guidance on the design of data warehouses. Retail, manufacturing, banking, insurance, subscriptions via a set of business applications increasingly complex, step by step, a data warehouse for a grocery store, starting with a relatively simple example, and reserves airlines. At the end of the book, the creation controls and easy to understand and direct the activities have mastered all the powerful techniques to navigate the database size.

The CD-ROM, you will find:

* Software for querying dimensional data warehouses.
* Models of all databases described in this work book. Review

Data Warehouse Toolkit by Ralph Kimball data warehouse for construction companies today is really a very useful guide for the author's extensive experience in the real world is reflected in the design. Written in a meaningless prose, the author of Data Warehousing effective and efficient for executives to design, construction and operation of basic components provides developers and administrators.

That's what databases and how to book stores online transaction processing (OLTP) databases are used in various traditional begins. (Basically, all the institutions to monitor trends in data warehousing millions of documents in the database.) After the author relies on this basis, using samples taken firmly, issues of data of warehouse design, presented grocery stores, inventory, transportation, financial services, subscriptions, cable television, insurance and travel, including the industry for a wide range. Author briefly on the "dimensions" of each sector are described. (This is most likely, you want to watch all sectors there are values??Or management functions. Data Warehouse must be prepared to answer these questions ".")

The last part of the book is such a data store (database users to plan the hardware needed to run the interview, in fact, covers the entire process of designing a data warehouse and run easily gigabytes) contains millions of records. This text is also an effective front-end users (who will report the results of query data store) includes a discussion on how to create.

Width and intelligence, data warehousing tools provide an overview of a data warehouse before creating any developer or manager who is a must read. - Richard Dragan


"Ralph Kimball on how the data model and data warehouse design to support advanced multi-dimensional decision support systems to provide clear guidelines. Step by step instructions with Kimball, came to dominate all readers understand the techniques for creating powerful and easy to navigate, control and navigation databases range size companies "(;, 9/01).