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The Data Model Resource Book, Vol. 1: A Library of Universal Data Models for All Enterprises

Basic functions of the trade to create the database fast and reliable proven

This database is designed for basic business functions provided in a simple and inexpensive, because industry experts, the book was first published in March 1997 raved about the resources of the data model. To draw attention to more specific requirements of different companies, while adding a companion volume Len Silverston, revised and updated in the first edition a great success. Each unit comes with a CD-ROM, sold separately. Each database on CD-ROM and the need for companies and individuals will receive a portion of the cost of development time that you allow a third party, electronic address book is a ready to use templates to design offers a powerful way to build from scratch.

Updated data models in the first edition of the CD-ROM, the developers of the source databases to quickly install a basic set of data models to support a wide range of business functions and allows you to changing.

(Computer Shopper February 2002): "I thought you were well thought out and well explained in the models of books"


"Data Model Resource Book, Revised Edition, Volume 1, I'm a data architecture, data architecture (Zachman Framework row one or two) is not limited to managing a high level of the best books ever seen;? . This is a common, industry-specific logic models and can be customized to meet the needs of providing data and drawings. Finally, in a model with a frame whose upper levels and below includes a rich high-level logic designs reservoir models, and SQL programs, including data architecture schemes stars. Models as a starting point for your model or data models, drawings and use scripts to check existing models and a reference to the company that will help create data architecture, the entry may not be familiar topics. Book offers several models of different levels and techniques of conversion tips and techniques to achieve appropriate levels of abstraction models. Sample tables (eg data) allow the modeling of life. I use the last twenty years and numerous projects in the year of the first edition gramlayabilir? Is a valuable resource for me? "
- Van Scott, Sonata Consulting, Inc. President

"Len Silverston typical areas of the company in question for various industries for a wide range of generic data models and a very useful summary of the volume of two (but not too generic) at one point was in all probability find a modeler Data. Clearly, well organized, written, and most of a company some of the information needs of perverse and difficult matter drops below this race is clearly a valuable resource for any assignment of one before entering a modeling shoot. Here if we did not find any evidence of a pattern very similar to the face can be used for almost any situation. "
- William G. Smith, President, William G. Smith & Associates

"In today's fast targeted e-world, it can be difficult to change the data structures is no longer acceptable to bury business constraints. Architects data and data architecture to capture the complex requirements need reformat the unpredictable vision models futures. Len novice and advanced data models to provide a flexible data provides an excellent starting point for the architects. These models position an organization for the company, old rules. Successful implementation and customization, and business enterprise management to reflect the principles and rules of the organization to transform itself provides proactive. Thus, models based on data architecture, Len and procedures, customizing them, work become the basis of design changes. "
- Barbara von Halle, founder of Knowledge Partners, Inc., co-author of the manual database design relational

"This book is a universal long and a must for any company implementing data models. Includes universal models of data and models to apply the skills and can help all companies regardless of their level of experience. Better meet the needs of many books, data models, but little in the way of practical advice offered. These books fill this gap and should be used by all companies. "
- Ron Powell, Publisher, DM Review

"Computer services companies worldwide require quality systems, built faster. This book, or even weeks before a program, the day to expand and form the basis of standards for data modelers can break the project. I LL Bean, Inc., a valuable resource for my modeling effort data collection resource model, a revised edition, Volume 1 found, and I think it is an important part of any vehicle modelers. "
- Susan T. Oliver, enterprise data architects, LL Bean, Inc.

I did not believe in saying the company is essentially the same for all companies looking for a data model of the company were hired by a company, "When I introduced three years ago, the model data source. Is a way I felt after a little analysis with Len Silverston using, we actually had the same little difference: customers, accounts, employees, benefits, and had everything you need to do in any organization, and we're all Len book has been adapted to the product component of a larger framework of all data were ready to move forward command to create a CD-ROM accompanies the book ensures that the files very quickly, the Oracle model. Then began to draw the map of all types of detailed data on the business model, and here we account number for all these different spellings and typographical errors could not find a place.

Volume 2 provides the best features of this new edition: industry specific data models. I began to see interesting designs to penetrate this volume. For example, an airline reservation, the reservation if you are a restaurant or hotel. (In fact, we have something like the oil industry -. Allowance)

Another concept of the book has changed my thinking and word by word "party". Recently, a computer online at the same time employees has a project that could function as a client and the user. Team had a disagreement with a name for this entity, but after reviewing the reference manual data model, I realized that we are a party of three documents.

Your job is to implement a data warehouse project or borrow ideas get any item to the next operational database, I also book models of data sources, revised edition, volumes 1 and 2, the Bible for guidance on the design. "
- Ted Kowalski, Equilon Enterprises LLC, author of Opening Doors: Facilitator's Guide

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Mastering Data Warehouse Aggregates: Solutions for Star Schema Performance

  • The selection and design, the load from a star schema aggregates used in dimensional modeling of the first book to provide in-depth coverage and use for specific tasks and the results of demonstration projects
  • Global navigation and basic design principles of a global and covers the advantages and disadvantages of different types of business solutions
  • This development projects data storage throughout, including the growing importance of explaining development, first creates and loads the data from the iterative

Back cover

The first book that offers in-depth coverage of the star maps overview

As the most effective method for maximizing star schema performance Dubbed by Ralph Kimball aggregates of dimensions more spectacular than any other technology is a powerful and effective tool to accelerate data warehouse queries. Well structured and implemented a database after verifying that it was built, the overall performance of data storage must begin with the measures taken.

However, many companies solve performance problems, rather than turn to aggregate custom hardware and proprietary software products to ignore. This book fills a gap in knowledge has led companies to costly and risky.

A series of well-planned data warehouse expert Chris Adamson overall have a significant effect on overall performance indicates that the data store. A role in avoiding common pitfalls, or whatever the current level of star schema information, best practices in this book, we will help you get an incredible performance increase.

Collection techniques have progressed from the database schema stars, tables, and the impact of the life cycle of this book covers the entire data storage. The approach of design data, including the warehouse star schema, after establishing some key areas, the articles on shelf-life data of the main phases. Topics are:
  • The basic design principles of the global schema
  • With or without the addition of a browser, how aggregate is used in a production environment
  • Integration with ETL processing a total
  • The standard tasks of development projects and data storage products that contain additives
  • How overall existing star schema adds the ability to organize and execute a project
  • The aggregation of bridge tables, stars such heterogeneous models or the instantaneous impact and plans advanced design
  • Incorporate three-dimensional aggregates with life the views or IBM Oracle Implementation of special considerations query the tables
  • How comprehensive, including security database and archiving strategy can add value in other areas

Wiley Publishing Technology timely. Practice. Reliable.

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About the Author

Christopher Adamson, data storage consultant and founder of Oakton Software LLC. Directed and implemented a variety of industries, applications star schema data warehouse, an expert in the design. Its clients Fortune 500 companies, small and large businesses, government agencies and providers of data storage devices, we have included. Dimensional Modeling and Data Warehouse Design Solutions Adamson also (also from Wiley) teaches author. O, on its website, can be reached through www.ChrisAdamson.net.

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Pentaho Solutions: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with Pentaho and MySQL

Pentaho Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with MySQL for a resource all-in-one for use in

Part of the cost of proprietary solutions Pentaho open source business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing solutions. Now, the benefits of Pentaho for your business in this practical guide written by the need for the two main actors in the community can take.

The book covers all components of the Pentaho BI suite. You Pentaho installation, operation and maintenance of BI and Pentaho concepts to learn and take on the back of ever fully find a lot of discussion.
  • Of all the products available open source BI, Pentaho open source product, the most comprehensive set of tools that offer the fastest growing group and a
  • Creating and data integration / ETL Pentaho Kettle for a data warehouse with a load by hand using a direct SQL queries JFree (Pentaho Reporting Services) to create services and generate reports Pentaho Mondrian (analysis) is a module Additional browser cubes and explain the Cube JPivot
  • To provide end users of BI solutions, distribution reports, cubes and examine meta Pentaho platform
  • The timetable shows how to configure automated underwriting and distribution

Companion Website, sample source code, sample data, and provides links to related resources.

Back cover

The only source of open source BI and data warehousing solutions

The cost of a custom solution for you Pentaho BI data warehouses, and part of the rich and powerful application that lets you create full-featured, open source suite. While learning the concepts and architecture of Pentaho This book from the beginning, for example, reports, dashboards and OLAP PivotTables and operation, can start with Pentaho minutes. Using a case study, how-dimensional modeling and learn what it is to implement a data warehouse design. You can create and populate the data warehouse with data integration tools will Pentaho. Finally, Pentaho reporting, analysis, dashboards and data mining tools on top of using the data warehouse will learn to create their own BI applications.
  • Understand the important concepts and action sequences Pentaho solutions, including tanks,
  • Apply the key concepts of dimensional modeling and star schemas in a data warehouse using
  • Use ETL Pentaho Data Integration for construction applications
  • Explore the advanced features, such as PDI Remote Execution and the consolidation
  • Pentaho Report Designer to design and implement together with the reports and graphs
  • Enjoy it and Pentaho Analysis Services OLAP / pivot tables in addition to creating an interactive drill
  • Panels with a content focused and compact BI for business users
  • Explore and discover data models with Pentaho Data Mining

About the Author

Roland Bouman technology open source web application developer, database development and business intelligence. He is an active member of society, and MySQL and Pentaho can follow.

Jos van Dongen is an author of Business Intelligence professional and well-known and experienced server. He regularly gives lectures and seminars.